You hear an explosion.
You open your eyes.
It's still dark.
“Did I dream that or really just hear that?”
You open your window.
You see a gaping hole in your lawn that wasn't there before.
Something is illuminated in the center.
You glance at the clock.

4:21 AM

You throw some clothes on and go outside.

From up close, you can tell that it's an impact crater.
A small rock sits in the center.
It’s glowing a beautiful shade of green, almost rhythmically.

Suddenly you hear a faint melody.

You realize it’s coming from inside the crater.

You reach in and grab the stone.
It barely weighs anything.
The melody appears to be emanating from the stone itself, almost like a speaker picking up a radio signal.
It’s oddly soothing.
You get back inside and put the meteorite on your desk and open your laptop.

No reports of any meteors in the area.

Still not sure what to make of it you decide to email your friend Xeno.

He’s kind of a genius, he lives on a farm and studies astronomy in his spare time.
 If anyone can help me with this - it’s him.

You open Xeno’s reply:

"Hey man. I got the video of the meteorite. Incredible.
The metals in the rock appear to be a creating a natural crystal radio.
I’m gonna be upfront with you though, that green glow is probably radiation.
It would be best if you dispose of the thing, cool as it is.
and it gets worse.
I’m quite certain that rock is a piece of a much larger object I discovered called MEGA.
I’ve been observing it for quite some time now.
It’s been unpredictable, but it appears it’s due for collision with earth in a matter of days.
I’m gonna see what I can do about it.”

You don’t really know what to make of Xeno’s email.
That’s some fucked up shit.
But you trust him.
You put the meteorite in an old coffee tin and bring it down to the beach.
When you reach the water you stop to listen to the melody one more time.
“Damn I wish I could keep this thing.”
Before you toss it into the ocean you make an audio recording of the Melody with your phone.
When you get home you run the recording through a special program meant to analyze and interpret
radio signals from NEOs (near earth objects)
It's able to decrypt an .mp3 of the melody. You name it 'Frozen Flame' after something you saw in a videogame once.
You post it on various astronomy forums, with photos, details and a link to the .mp3
but most people write it off as a hoax.

An email notification from Xeno appears.

“Who told you to post that radio transmission on the internet?
Space agencies require data, not a video of a rock playing music.
The kids love it though.
You might have future in music, that is, if you have a future at all.
This is serious. If this thing hits we’re talking total devastation.
In 2012 we had another close call and I started preparing something.
I’m confident we’ll be able to blow this thing up but I’m gonna need your help.
It turns out this wasn’t the only fragment of MEGA.
We MUST find as many of them as possible.
If we can record their unique signals we might be able to make this thing EXPLODE!
How exactly does that work? I’ll explain later.
But the first one is somewhere in your area.
It looks like it was found by a girl your age who goes by the name Cyan.
I managed to find her email address.



From: Cyan
Subject: Mega
"Hey. How did you get my email?
I don't exactly have the meteorite anymore, but if you're serious about all this MEGA stuff I'm down to talk.
I'll be at the beach tomorrow night, you should come down.
I might still be able to help you."

When it's dark you make your way down to the beach.
You arrive to see the silhouette of a lone figure next to a bonfire.
As you approach you notice the moon, at about a quarter full it seems a lot brighter than usual.
You reach the fire and see a girl about your age.
You say "Hello."
She's a real natural beauty.
She looks up "Hey."
You're caught off guard by the extremely sharp knife in her hand.
“So how'd you find me?” She asks
“Well there’s only one beach-"
“-MY EMAIL”! She interrupts.
“Oh. Yeah”
You explain the situation with Xeno, MEGA and the Meteor Fragment.
“So what did you do with yours?” You ask
Without warning she whips her knife up inches from your face.
“WOAH” You jump back. “Watch out”
“I carved the darn thing” She laughs. “What d’ya think?”
You look closely at the Knife.
It’s glowing a beautiful shade of green.
“Whoa! that’s the meteor!? Why doesn’t it make any noise?”
“I don’t know?”
“Maybe you broke it?“
“Whatever. it’s cooler like this anyway.”
You stare at the glowing blade.
“Huh - Sorry to let ya down pal!!” She says sarcastically, shoving it back in her pocket.
Suddenly her phone rings.
It's a text.
She reads it and looks up
"You're gonna love this.
Some of my… some people I know recently got their hands on a new drug called Chaos Capsule.
Apparently they're good... real good.
Here’s where it gets crazy though, they heard the secret ingredient is - get this - meteorite fragments.
Wow. What are the chances? 'This could be it' you think.
“Well alright” You reply “Let's trace the source of these Chaos Capsules asap.”
“Easier said than done They bought them through the Deep Web.
The seller only lists an email: hungry_ghost@planetmail.com
With Cyan’s help you trace it back to an old abandoned observatory deep in the forest outside the city.
“Damn. This is close to a hyperloop maintenance station.” Cyan says frantically
“If we’re careful we can sneak off and be there in no time.”
You extinguish the bonfire and head down toward the station.
Again you notice the moon.
It’s almost at it’s highest point.
You ride the Hyperloop to the maintenance stop and jump off.
It’s about 5am.
Astronomical dawn.
The air feels mild, and a bit cooler.
The terrain is mostly dense rainforest and it’s hard to navigate.
“You sure you got this?” You ask Cyan
“Yeah yeah.” Her eyes locked on her GPS HoloDisplay
You reach an overgrown path which leads to a moonlit clearing.
In the center there’s a compound built into a large radio telescope.
It’s covered in vines.
You hear a bird call out in the distance.
The door’s almost rusted shut.
You force it open and make your way inside.
Aside from the faint glow of electronics, it’s completely dark.
“Looks like nobodies been here in years."
Cyan turns her light on.
“Holy shit.”
In the center of the room stands a MECH, nearly 10 feet tall.
It is connected to a variety of wires and tubes.
In a small cavity near it’s core you see a glowing green stone.
Suddenly you hear a faint melody.
You move in to grab the fragment.
Before you can touch it you hear a sharp charging sound followed by a flash of light.
A digitized female voice echoes
A Model 01 XENOS Industrial Security-Class MECH. This is bad.
You turn around to see Cyan writhing in pain.
“It got me!” She shrieks
You run over.
It just grazed her shoulder but there’s a lotta blood.
“Your knife!” You pick it up off the floor.
The MECH charges up, prepping to strike again.
You have to act quickly.
Diving forward, you slam the glowing green blade into it’s core.
It makes a harsh metallic grinding sound before coming to a halt.
You grab the meteor fragment from it’s core.
“COME ON!” You shout at Cyan, still kneeling in pain “These things can self repair!”
You both make it out in time to see a large hovercraft touch down.
On the side is scrawled ‘CERULEAN CORP.’
You let out a sigh of relief.
It’s Xeno.
Cerulean Corp's the name of his father’s solar energy farm.
“How’d you find us?” You ask him.
“Same way I always do” He replies
Not sure what he means by that.
“Hop on we’re going back to Cerulean.”
You both board the craft.
“So what’s the news on MEGA?”
“Good news and bad news.” He replies “None of my attempts to divert it have worked - yet. But, we’ve still got plan B."
"Plan B?"
You make it out of the rain forest and cross the plains toward Cerulean Corp.
Cerulean Corp. is an Energy Farm located on the Cerulean Peninsula, originally owned by XENOS Industrial
(Xeno’s father’s company.)
His dad lives in Hong Kong but since the farm is run almost entirely by A.I.
he allows Xeno to live there full time as the sole technician.
Its a pretty sweet deal.
Eventually you see the giant Silo on the horizon with CERULEAN Scrawled on the side.
"Were here."
You reach an old Crop Drone hanger.
Xeno’s place.
He runs Cyan's knife through an acoustic scanner.
“I’m going to extract the melody.
The signals from the fragments synchronize perfectly with MEGA.
With them we should be able to target a direct hit.”
“With what?” you ask
“I thought blasting it was useless.”
“That was plan A.” He responds
“Then what’s plan B?”
He points to the Silo.
“That’s plan B.”
He brings up a 3D model of the Silo on his PC.
“I’ve been working on this for years”
He demonstrates how he has reverse engineered it to transform into a rocket.
And explains how he plans to fly it, remotely, into MEGA.
“If all goes well it should shatter into a million tiny fragments and we’ll get one hell of a fireworks show.”
He begins to initiate the targeting system.
You listen intently as he loads the transmissions.
Each one with it’s own unique melody.
“Wonder what the whole thing sounds like?”
You doze off for a minute.
The sound of Xeno’s voice jolts you back up.
“Alright! It’s done.“ He exclaims.
“The future is ours!
But first lets get some sleep.
Tomorrow morning it’s go time, meet me at the silo at dawn.”
“Ok. see you then.”
You and cyan find a quiet place to set up sleep pods.
You wake up early the next morning.
The sky’s a deep navy blue.
Beyond the horizon, through the towering rows of solar wind turbines you see the faint glow of dawn.
You wake Cyan up and start walking back toward the silo.
“So what happens if this doesn’t work? I mean, launching a silo into a meteor is..
“Our only hope?” You laugh.
Then suddenly
you see it.
In the east.
Like a bluish pink moon with a tail.
“It’s real…” Cyan says fixated on the object “not that I doubted it but...”
Of course it’s real.
You continue in silence toward the Silo,
watching it through the lens of the deep indigo predawn atmosphere.
It’s mesmerizing.
A strange deja vu washes over you.
You’ve seen this image before somewhere.
A traveler at the end of a long journey, approaching their final destination.
Where did you come from?
What do you know?
Who are you?
Eventually the Silo comes into view.
You can tell something is different, it’s entirely lit up.
As you reach it you feel the ground beneath you shake.
“Must be the engines warming up.”
Suddenly Xeno hops down from a scaffolding support.
“Who’s ready to save the world?”
“So what exactly should we expect when this thing explodes?” Cyan asks
“Best case scenario? An impressive fireworks show.”
He replies picking up a large fuel hose.
“Worst case scenario? Total devastation.
Our timing has to be perfect, we need to hit it the exact moment it enters earth’s atmosphere which…”
He looks down at his watch
“…by my estimates is in about 1 hour.”
You wait patiently in the control room across from the silo with Cyan.
40 minutes pass.
The only window is facing away from MEGA, but you can see that the sun has started to rise.
The sky is turning from a deep pink to red.
The noise from the engines is becoming almost deafening now.
Finally Xeno enters
“We’re almost at 100%.” He says locking the door behind him “This is it.”
Suddenly his computer lights up.


“What does that mean?” Cyan asks with a look of terror
“I don’t understand…”Xeno smashes the side of his computer
You look over at Cyan “It can’t be good.”
“…the fragments… the parameters were perfect. I don’t get it!”

He pauses.

“There really is only one option then...
Either I go or we all go.”
“What do you mean?” You don’t like how he said that.
He looks out the tiny window toward the rocket
“I’m going up.”
“What!? Xeno. You're joking right?…”
You can tell by the look on his face he’s not.
"If I don’t go you know what happens."

He laughs

"Besides this is why I built the manual override.
The AI will look after things around here. I'd rather go out a hero than die a-"
"NO!" you interrupt him " No man. were gonna fix it you're not gonna-"
He puts his hand in your shoulder.
Your eyes well up.
"There's no turning back now. This is Zero day.”
You and Cyan sit in silence as Xeno steps into his EVA suit.
“Well I guess this is it."
You shake your head in disbelief
"There has to be another way, I mean- “
He cuts you off
“Thank you for all your help guys. I’ll need you to stay here in the control room until I make contact."
He reaches in and gives you both a hug.
Your eyes well up. You can't help it.
He snaps his helmet shut.
He opens the control room door - you all pause.
There’s an explosion in the distance.
Xeno looks up.
The monitors aren’t showing anything.
He turns around
“It’s starting to break apart! THIS IS IT!”
He waves and runs out the door toward the Silo.
Cyan sits down beside you.
You both watch on the monitor as he boards.
Things go quiet for a moment.
Suddenly the main flight monitors turn on allowing you to get a visual on both XENO’s rocket and MEGA.
You jolt up “Here we go.”
It’s hard to tell if the sun is up now or not.
MEGA is moments away from entering earth’s atmosphere.
You can see small pieces falling off and burning up before they hit.
Without warning  you hear a voice begin to countdown from 20.
“Oh shit.”

The control room window is completely blackened by thick smoke.
The monitors show a clear view.
You watch in amazement as it ascends.
It’s close enough that you can still read the giant CERULEAN scrawled on the side.
“Aw man."
You remember painting that with Xeno years ago.
Cyan checks the targeting system again.
“Still offline. Approximately 2 minutes to impact.”
“Say a prayer.”
 "MEGA is entering earth’s atmosphere!” Cyan exclaims
You see it in true color.
You’ve never seen something so immense.
So frightening yet so beautiful.
It glows bright green and blue.
The silo is perfectly aligned.
Xeno’s a pro pilot.
And a real hero.

Cyan grabs on to your arm, almost cutting off the circulation.

Suddenly everything goes blank.
First chaos
 Then flames
 Then smoke.
Then you hear the sound of Cyan's voice.

You’re ok.

You both make a run for the door.
You run out into the wheat field behind the launch pad.
Out of breath, you both collapse in the grass.
You look up just in time to see the rocket make a direct hit.
The sky ignites as millions of tiny fragments burn up simultaneously in glorious hypercolor.
It’s mesmerizing.
Unlike anything you've ever seen before.
"He did it."
You say laughing through tears.
"The crazy bastard. He really did it."

A dawn chorus rings out in the distance.
“Thank you.”
You look up just in time to grab a fragment headed straight for Cyan's head.
She ducks and leans in
“Haha. Nice catch.”
(That actually was pretty cool.)
You both pause.
“Wait do you hear that?” She asks
You do.
It’s playing a melody

“I’m keeping this one.”
You put it into your pocket.
After the explosions subside you and Cyan ride Xenos' hovercraft out of Cerulean.
The remaining dust from MEGA has turned the sky a radiant pink.

“Am I dreaming?”
“or did that really just happen?"

From: Zer0day@null.net 
Sent: Oct 10th, 2016