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Chapter 4

You make it out of the rain forest and cross the plains toward Cerulean Corp.
Cerulean Corp. is a vast Energy Farm located on the Cerulean Peninsula.
It’s run almost entirely by A.I.
Xeno lives there full time as the sole administrator.

Eventually you see a Silo on the horizon with CERULEAN Scrawled on the side.
"Were here."
You reach an old Crop Drone hanger.
Xeno’s place.

Once inside, he runs the fragments through an acoustic scanner.
“I’m going to extract the melodies.
The signals from the fragments synchronize perfectly with MEGA.
And with them we should be able to target a direct hit.”
“With what?” you ask
“I thought blasting it was useless.”
“That was plan A.” He responds
“So what’s plan B?”
He points to the Silo.
“That’s plan B.”
He brings up a 3D model of the Silo on his PC.
“I’ve been working on this for years”
He demonstrates how he reverse engineered the entire structure,
transforming it into a functioning rocket.
He explains how he plans to fly it, remotely, into MEGA.

“If all goes well, MEGA should effectively be vaporized” 

He begins to program the targeting system.

You listen intently as he loads each transmission.

First Cyan’s blade, then your fragment and finally the fragment from the observatory.  “Alright! done.“ He exclaims “The future is ours!” 

“Now lets get some sleep. Tomorrow morning it’s go time,
meet me at the silo at dawn.”

“Ok. see you then.”
You and Cyan find a quiet place to set up hypersleep-pods.

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