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Chapter 1

You hear an explosion.
You open your eyes. 

It's still dark.

“Am I dreaming or did that really just happen?”
You look outside.
There’s a crater in your lawn.

You check the time.
4:21 AM
You put some clothes on and go outside.
From up close, you can tell that it's an impact crater.
In the center sits a small meteorite.
It radiates a soft aquamarine glow.
As you get closer you hear a faint melody.
You reach in and grab it.
You discover the melody emanating from the meteorite itself,
like a speaker picking up a far off radio signal.

It’s oddly soothing.

Back inside, you carefully set the meteorite on your desk.

You open your PC and check the news.

No reports of meteor strikes in the area.

You decide to email your friend Xeno.
You make an audio recording of the melody. 

You name it 'Frozen Flame' and send it off.
Within minutes you receive a reply:

“Incredible! What you found there is no ordinary meteorite. 

I’m positive that is a fragment of a meteor called MEGA.
I’ve been observing it for quite some time now
- and I don’t want to alarm you -
but I believe it’s on a direct collision course with Earth.
However I’m confident we can blow it up.
If you’re up for it, I could use your help.
There are other fragments of MEGA out there, and I need them.
The first is somewhere in your area.
It was found by someone called Cyan.
I managed to find their email address:

Email them, meet up and make your way out here
with the rest of the fragments.”

You don’t really know what to make of Xeno’s email.

But you trust him.
You put the meteorite in an old coffee tin.

You type up an email to Cyan.
You press send and go back to sleep.

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