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Chapter 2

You wake up early the next day to a reply.

From: Cyan
Subject: Mega
"Hey. How did you get my email?
I don't exactly have the meteorite anymore,

but I might still be able to help you.

Meet at the beach tomorrow night.”

When it's dark you grab the coffee tin containing the fragment
and make your way down to the beach.
You arrive to see the silhouette of a lone figure next to a bonfire.
As you approach you notice the moon,
at about a quarter full it seems a lot brighter than usual.
You reach the fire and see a girl about your age.
“Hello." You wave
She looks up “That’s me.”
You're caught off guard by the extremely sharp knife in her hand.
“So how'd you find me?” She asks
“Well there’s only one beach so I just walked until -"
“-my email address!” She interrupts.
“Oh. ”
You explain the situation with Xeno, MEGA and show her the ‘Frozen Flame’.

“-so what did you do with yours?” You ask

Without warning she thrusts her knife upward, stopping inches from your face.
“WOAH” You jump back. “Watch out”
“I carved it.” She laughs “What d’ya think?”
You examine the Knife.
It has the same aquamarine glow as your fragment.
“So you carved the meteorite into a knife.
Why doesn’t it make any noise?”

“I don’t know?”

“Maybe you broke it?“

“Whatever. It looks cooler like this anyway.”

She tucks the glowing blade into her backpack and looks up

“So what about the Third Fragment?”

“Third Fragment?” You ask

“Yeah, are we going to get it or what?”

“I’m in.” You reply “You know where it is?”
She nods
“In an old abandoned radio observatory, in the forest outside the city.”

“Damn. That’s close to the hyperloop maintenance station.”

“Yup. If we’re careful we can sneak off. We’ll be there in no time.”

You extinguish the bonfire and head down toward the station.
Again you notice the moon.
It’s almost at it’s highest point.

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